The Chinese Embassy in Tajikistan Expresses Gratitude to COFCO Group


The Chinese Embassy in Tajikistan Expresses Gratitude to COFCO Group for Its Assistance in Providing Guidance in Equipment Installation during the Epidemic

On September 21, a letter of appreciation was sent to COFCO Group from the Chinese Embassy in Tajikistan. In the letter, the Embassy expressed its respect and heartfelt thanks to COFCO Group, COFCO Engineering & Technology, and COFCO E&T(Zhengzhou) for the dispatch of expert team to Tajikistan to provide guidance in equipment installation. Experts from COFCO E&T(Zhengzhou) rose to the challenge, courageously undertook the mission and showed great sense of responsibility. Their actions embodied the importance and contributed to the China-Tajikistan bilateral relations.
The flour mill plant project in Dushanbe, Tajikistan undertaken by COFCO E&T(Zhengzhou) includes providing a complete set of mechanical equipment in the whole cleaning, milling, packaging and finished product storaging process and on-site technical guidance. The complete of the project shall help alleviate Tajikistan’s dependence on the import of wheat flour.
After the epidemic outbreak, in view of the bilateral relations, relative department of COFCO Group and COFCO E&T(Zhengzhou), made every effort to coordinate and overcame all kinds of difficulties to facilitate the dispatch of expert team to Tajikistan. All-round protective measures were carried out before their departure.
The dispatch of COFCO experts is a strong embodiment of our support for restoring economy and improving people's livelihood in Tajikistan during the epidemic. It has further enhanced mutual trust and economic cooperation between the two countries and contributes to promoting the in-depth development of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Tajikistan. This also fully embodies COFCO E&T(Zhengzhou)’s sense of responsibility to the international society as a global enterprise.