large capacity dryer
large capacity dryer
Large Grain Dryer

Large Continuous Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Dryer

COFCO TI’s large-capacity continuous dryer utilizes a negative pressure drying process with integrated air heating, drying and dust removal in a fully galvanized steel bolted structure. Capacity range of 100-1000 tons/day with adjustable drying reduction of 2-20%. Suitable for corn, wheat, paddy rice, soybeans, rapeseeds, seeds and more.
Product Features
Optimized temperature and drying time profiles based on grain drying characteristics to ensure final quality similar to sun-drying;
Simulation modeling accounts for regional climate variations to guarantee uniform airflow and moisture removal, maximizing drying efficiency and grain quality;
Insulated exterior and lower exhaust heat recovery significantly improve energy efficiency. Natural gas linear combustion provides excellent temperature control and thermal performance;
Gravity dust settling combined with centrifugal dedusting removes large and fine particulates for emission compliance.
Product Features
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