Milling Equipment

MMR-Roller Mill

MMR roller mill is a high-end product. The parts in contact with materials adopt food grade 304 stainless steel. The structure is designed with no dead angle to ensure no material residue.
Model MMR25/80 MMR25/100 MMR25/125
Roller (mm) Φ250x800 Φ250x1000 Φ250x1250
Range of Applicable Roller (mm) Φ230-250
Fast Roll Rotating Speed (m/s) 450-460
Fast-slow Roller Dating Speed Ratio 1.25:1     1.5:1     2:1     2.5:1
Feeding Roll Speed Ratio 1:1     1.4:1     1.5:1     1.67:1     2:1
Motor Power(kW) 37、30、22、18.5、15、11、7.5、5.5
Main Drive Wheel Diameter Φ360
Working Air Pressure(Mpa) 0.6
Weight(kg) 2700 3200 3800
Dimension (mm) 1610x1458x1880 1810x1458x1880 2060x1458x1880
Product Features
Easy flipping feed unit for convenient cleaning;
Permanent magnet speed regulating synchronous motor is adopted for higher efficiency and better hygiene;
Integral grinding roller unit for easy assembly, convenient operation;
Elastic toothed wedge belt serves as the tensioning device, which can automatically compensate for the small change of the belt and improve its service life.
Product Features
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