Milling Equipment


It is used to deal with the materials of the anterior milling system and ensure the materials enter the core milling system have high purity and low ash content.
Model HFQFD 49x2x3
Capacity (t/h) 0.6-2.8
Power (kw) 2x0.25
Air Volume (m³/h) 2400-4200
Weight (kg) 1035
Dimension (mm) 2700x1290x1750
Product Features
The parts in contact with flour are made of stainless steel to ensure food safety;
Air duct with radius circular arc shape, make the wind chamber suction wind more reasonable symmetry, effectively reduce the formation of vortex in the air duct and of the wind chamber door adjusting plate is optimized, completely solve the problem of duct product powder;
In the feed system, the further improvement of the uniform material mechanism improves the effect of the uniform material, which ensures that the incoming material can be uniformly entered into the screen surface regardless of the powder content;
The design of the new type of collector groove , the first use of the full seal set trough; 
The improvement of screen grid profile and reversing push rod, increase the area of the screen, improve the penetration rate of the sieve surface, and achieve high efficiency.
Product Features
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