circulating dryer1
circulating dryer1
Samll Grain Dryer

Small Circulating Dryer

The multi-layer angular air inlet and outlet structure can be installed and used in multiple sections. It can effectively remove moisture from grains. Batch processing capacity: 10t/d~50t/d; Precipitation rate: 0.8%/h~1.5%/h; Materials: Suitable for corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, rapeseed, seeds, etc.
Product Features
The angularly intersecting drying ducts enable thorough contact between the drying medium and the grain for uniform and rapid moisture removal;
The arrangement allows higher drying temperatures and thermal efficiency. Variable-frequency fans, automatic temperature control and multiple drying modes provide flexibility;
By eliminating inlet and outlet augers, mechanical damage to grains during drying is minimized. Reduced power equipment also ensures stable operation;
Suitable for paddy rice, wheat, corn, oilseeds and more, our dryers deliver versatility, efficiency and quality for grain drying.
Product Features
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