Temporary Storage Solutions:
This solution is applicable to port terminal transit facilities located in inland rivers, rivers and seaports. Grain harvested from inland production areas may be transported by road or railway to the transit facility for temporary storage (or direct) shipment and distribution. At the same time, grain transported by ship can also be temporarily stored (or transferred directly) by road or railway to inland areas through the facility.Process design: In addition to the typical technological process, we provide customized design according to the customers’ actual demand, different functions can be added to the facility. For example, warehouse exchange, ship-to-ship direct unloading, ship-to truck direct unloading, fumigation, non-powered warehouse discharging, and so on.
Ship capacity: the loading and unloading process design can accommodate ships with various capacities from 2000 tons to 150,000 tons.
Warehouse selection: According to the specific conditions of the project, there are steel silo, concrete silo and mechanized flat warehouse for customers to choose.
The transit warehouse is tailored for local conditions and has reasonable configuration.
Flexible technological process, high mechanization, suitable for the rapid handling and transportation of grain.
The integrated management and control design, greatly reducing labor costs and operation and maintenance investment.
High return on investment which helps to improve rotation rate and increase customers’ income.
Port Grain Terminals Solutions:
This solution is tailored for farmers from grain producing areas and small grain trading companies to facilitate the collection and re-distribution of grain.
For grain with high moisture content after harvesting, this solution can also be equipped with our complete drying facilities for quick drying of grain before storage.
Relatively high degree of mechanization, grain can be stored quickly after cleaning.
Short construction period;
Highly automated, easy operation, low labor cost;
Low investment, cost-effective solution.
Reserve Solutions:
This solution mainly serves customers of state or local government and large state-owned grain enterprises. The storage facilities are for long-term (2-3 years) strategic food reserves.
The entire storage facility is always in constant dynamic filling state to meet the need for adequate food supply to the market in case of emergency. The newly harvested grain can be collected and stored in such long-term storage facilities through various temporary storage depots. At the same time, the stored grain from previous years can be rotated and put on the market shortly before and after the feeding of new grain.
Long-term storage of grain is particularly difficult in high temperature and humidity environment. Our solutions can solve these problems for you with ease. Technologically advanced process design is followed in the entire storage facilities: the grain situation monitoring system will monitor the change in grain conditions; circulation fumigation system can effectively eliminate pests that are harmful for grain; ventilation and grain cooling system is targeted at the grain temperature rise due to external or internal causes; atmosphere control system can effectively reduce the oxygen concentration in the warehouse to slow down the aging of grains and the breeding of pests and diseases.
According to the specific needs of customers, we provide long-term storage grain better effect of large diameter concrete silo and flat warehouse. At the same time, we will also provide economic and reasonable process plan with appropriate degree of mechanization in accordance with the characteristics of your project.
Suitable warehouse selection based on local conditions, appropriate degree of mechanization.
Stable and reliable operation system with low cost.
The grain can be stored safely for 2-3 years and with quality guarantee.