Roller Fluting Machine
Roller Fluting Machine
Auxiliary Equipment

Roller Fluting Machine

The fluting machine is a special equipment for polishing and fluting rollers of large and medium-sized roller mills.
Model Max. Fluting Speed
Roller Dimension
Engage Retract D L
MLY63B 8 16 180-250 600 4.45 1700
MLY100 8 16 230-350 1000 7.59 4250
MLY125 8 16 230-350 1250 7.59 4750
MLY150 8 16 230-350 1500 7.59 5000
The workstation driven by hydraulic system features smooth movement, low noise, fast return speed and high production efficiency;
The independent transmission of indexing and polishing makes the machine simple in structure, uniform in indexing. It is easy to adjust;
The hydraulic system adopts plate type circuit connection. Shorter pipeline reduces oil leakage and convenient maintenance;
Built-in hydraulic system including the oil tank and grinder motor makes full use of the main machine space. The machine has small footprint and pleasant appearance;
Hydraulic automatic control is adopted in the reciprocating movement of the workstation, the indexing and the lifting of the fluting cutter, as well as the lubrication of the guideway. The machine has a high degree of automation which improves the working condition and ensures the quality of fluting and polishing.
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