Revitalizing the Future of Industrial Refrigeration

COFCO Technology & Industry food cold chain department in collaboration with the National Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Quality Inspection and Testing Center and Danfoss (China) Investment Co., Ltd., held a large-scale roadshow event titled "Revitalizing the Future of Industrial Refrigeration, Efficient Carbon Reduction on the Path through China" from June 12 to June 21. The purpose of this event was to explore new digital low-carbon energy-saving solutions and industrial upgrade strategies for the cold chain logistics industry, assisting food cold chain enterprises in cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, promoting the innovative development of industrial refrigeration technology, and facilitating the green and low-carbon transformation of the industry.
The selection of refrigerants, ultra-low charge technology for refrigeration systems, industrial heat pumps, the maintenance structure of cold storage facilities and the inspection of their refrigeration systems, the updating of old cold storage equipment, as well as the intelligent control logic for refrigeration systems using artificial intelligence, have become focal points of discussion among industry professionals.