Optimal Grain Storage with COFCO TI's Advanced Facilities

COFCO TI delivers high-performance grain storage systems and facilities engineered for food safety, quality preservation and operational efficiency.
Our customized solutions utilize robust aerated steel silos and warehouses to create controlled environments that maintain grain integrity over the long-term.
Sophisticated temperature and moisture monitoring with automated aeration controls stabilize storage conditions, preventing spoilage. Fungicide coatings further deter pest and fungus growth.
Ergonomic handling systems like conveyors, elevators and precision weighing equipment facilitate safe and efficient grain movement. Complete automation minimizes labor and energy costs.
COFCO TI's experienced team handles construction, installation and maintenance of turnkey facilities sized for diverse storage needs. Strict quality control ensures reliable performance.
With COFCO TI's advanced infrastructure, grain processors safeguard harvests, improve traceability and open new revenue possibilities through commodity trading. Future-proof your storage today!