High-Quality Grain Steel Silos for Maximum Food Safety

As a leading grain steel silo manufacturer, we are committed to providing high-quality steel silos and turnkey solutions for the grain storage and processing industry. Our goal is to maximize food safety, minimize grain loss and ensure high efficiency.
Our galvanized grain steel silos are made of high-strength hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets with anti-corrosion treatment. The silos can withstand the heavy pressure of bulk grains and have a long service life of over 30 years. The advanced PVC sealants are used to seal all weld seams and connections, making the silos fully airtight and watertight. This helps keep away oxygen, moisture and pests to reduce grain spoilage.
The silos can be equipped with temperature/humidity monitoring systems, fumigation facilities and fully automatic unloading systems. The key parts such as the base, foundations, roof system, discharge outlets, vents, valves, etc. are all carefully designed and constructed according to international standards. Safety features like explosion-proof vents, safety valves and guardrails provide all-round safety protection.
With a wide range of capacities from 200 tonnes to over 20,000 tonnes, we can customize solutions based on your specific needs such as plant layout, site conditions and grain varieties to be stored. Our professional team also provides location selection, structural design, installation and after-sale technical support services.
We have successfully delivered and installed over 3,000 steel silos in major grain production and import/export hubs worldwide. Our products and services have won high recognition from customers. Visit us to find the most suitable steel silo storage solutions for your grain business!