The Whole Steel Silo System

As a storage place, steel silo system requires other facilities to prevent grain going bad.
1. Temperature monitoring system. Assemble the temperature detecting cables which are integrated with sensor to monitor the instant temperature of grains. The softer ware in computer will analysis the signal from sensor to feedback to control center.
2. Exhaust fan and centrifugal fan. According to temperature, fans will be started to run to decrease the inside temperature.
3. Ventilation channel. The most popular type is quad-F shape. It provides more area than others.
4. Chiller and insulation cover. For special treatment, chiller and insulation cover will provide much better safety condition of storage. Chiller will make sure temperature in a very low level and insulation cover will maintain this temperature in a longer time.
5. Fumigation system. Also for special treatment, this system will require the air-tight silos. Because phosphine is lethal to human being.