Canola Pressing Line Installed in Canada

As the price of canola oil rises, the cost of adding oil to the feed line rises accordingly. The customer hopes to establish a canola pressing line to meet the demand of their own feed line.
The problem we need to solve for our customers is how to press out the canola oil that meets the feed additive oil standard in the workshop with limited space without using steam (the local natural gas price is high).
Firstly, we solved the problem of canola preheating by using a heating tank with hot water. At the same time, we equipped the conveying equipment with a heating pipe to ensure that the heat is not lost during the conveying process.
The oil press adopts the of COFCO ET special cold pressing double screw press. This press has low requirements on the temperature of the material to be pressed and can meet the cold pressing needs of customers. At the same time, the leaf filter with appropriate mesh plate is equipped to ensure that the clarity, temperature and nutrient content of the filtered oil meet the feed oil standard.
The whole oil pressing line equipment is reasonably arranged in the existing feed workshop of the customer, which saves the cost of lengthening the plant and conveying equipment.
canola pressing line