MMT-Roller Mill
MMT-Roller Mill
MMT-Roller Mill
MMT-Roller Mill
Milling Equipment

MMT-Roller Mill

The roller mill is the main equipment of flour mill. Easier cleaning without removing the feeding rolls.
Model MMT25/60 MMT25/100 MMT25/125
Roller (mm) Φ250x800 Φ250x1000 Φ250x1250
Range of Applicable Roller (mm) Φ230-250
Fast Roll Rotating Speed (m/s) 450-650
Fast-slow Roller Dating Speed Ratio 1.25:1      1.5:1      2:1      2.5:1
FMding Roll Speed Ratio 1:1     14:1     2:1
Feeding Roll Speed Ratio 37、30、22、18.5、15、11、7.5、5.5
Main Drive Wheel Diameter Φ360
Working Air Pressure(Mpa) 0.6
Weight (kg) 3000 3300 4000
Dimension (mm) 1610x1422x1997 1810x1422x1997 2060x1422x1997
Product Features
Strengthen the component design, higher strength, more stable operation; 
The concept of food safety more hygienic, the key parts are made of food grade 304 stainless steel;
New suction structure with more reasonable distribution of air volume, to ensure the rationality of all positions of the wind and reduce the condition of air turbulence in the feeding area.
Product Features
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