FSFJ/FSFJB Mono Section Plansifter
FSFJ/FSFJB Mono Section Plansifter
Milling Equipment

FSFJ/FSFJB-Dual Section Plansifter

It is used for grading and sieving all kinds of powder materials, and has a wide range of applications.
Model Sifting Area(m²) Capacity (t/h) Power(kW) Weight (kg) Dimension(mm)
FSFJ2x10x63 4.2 2-2.5 1.1 550-580 1680x1270x1500
FSFJ2x10x70 6.2 3-3.5 1.1 650-670 1840x1350x1700
FSFJ2x10x83 8.5 5-10 1.5 730-1000 2386x1678x2250
FSFJ2x10x100 13.5 8-14 2.2 1200-1600 2856x1811x2250
FSFJB2x10x83 11.5 8-12 1.5 900-1000 2386x1678x2250
FSFJB2x10x100 17 10-16 2.2 1400-1800 2856x1811x2250

Product Features
Closed compartment design allows larger sifting area and excellent dust tight feature;
6-12 sieve frames arrangement available to meet different sifting requirement; Integrated vertical and horizontal compressing and locking mechanism for sieve frames ensures no loose and shift of sieve frame and no material leakage; Fiberglass rod suspension with stainless steel rope for safe and stable operation.
Product Features
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