FBZD-vibrating Bran Finisher
FBZD-vibrating Bran Finisher
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FBZD-vibrating Bran Finisher

FBZD series vibrating bran finisher mainly uses the principle of combination of vibrating screen and centrifugal sieving to screen. Because the sieving action is strong, the mesh is not easy to block when sifting materials, and it is more suitable for sifting. The material is widely used to separate the flour adhered to the bran, and is suitable for the screening of the bran powder and the suction powder and the pulse powder. It is the latest special equipment for centrifugally separating bran and coarse powder, reducing skin grinding load, increasing system output and increasing powder yield. In addition, the powder coating effect on food and chemical industry is also very satisfactory.
Model Capity(t/h) Power(kW) Screen Frame Diameter(mm) Screen Width(mm) Dimension(mm)
Bran Meal Bran Meal
FBZD4510 1.5 0.7 5.5 4.0 φ450 1000 1620x650x1395
FBZD6012 2.8 1.0 7.5 5.5 φ600 1200 1820x810x1650
Product Features
The machine has the characteristics of compact and simple structure, light and flexible, convenient operation and good process effect.
Product Features
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