MS-F Packing Scale
MS-F Packing Scale
Packing Equipment

MS-F Packing Scale

It is used for packing of powder materials.
Model Weighing range Power (kw) Weighing Speed (bag/h) Weighing Error Gas Supply Pressure (MPa)
MS-10F 2.5-10 3.5 150-400 FS±2%。 ≥0.6
MS-25F 25-50 3.5 200 FS±2%。 ≥0.6
MS-2x10F 5-25 6 600-780 FS±2%。 ≥0.6
MS-2x25F 25-50 6 500 FS±2%。 ≥0.6
Product Features
Novel structure, less and occupation, no dusting, no need to weigh twice, can automatically clip, pick up and convey bags, easy to operate, high degree of automation.
The machine has no strict requirements for the state of the powder supply system, and can adapt to large and small powder plants, whether there is a powder bin or not, and whether the powder flow is continuous or not.
Product Features
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