FDMWA-Horizontal Abrasive Scourer
FDMWA-Horizontal Abrasive Scourer
Cleaning Equipment

FDMWA-Horizontal Abrasive Scourer

In the cleaning process of flour plant, the dirt and other impurities in the belly groove on the surface of wheat can be knead and beaten off, and the mud mixed in the wheat and the bad strength of the deterioration of wheat can be broken.
Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
FDMWA30×60 ≤12 7.5-15 760 1220×600×1615
FDMWA45×80 12-25 15-22 980 1460×800×1876
Product Features
With reduced impact force and increased rubbing and kneading strength, ensures superior cleaning effect and low broken rate with high output;
Twice dynamic balanced rotor ensures stable operation with less vibration, no special balancing needed for replacing the beating board;
Air intake window is added for complementary air flow;
A hammer-style adjustable pressure door is equipped at the discharge port for easy adjustment of abrasion and impact and material flow;
Optional self-circulation aspirator for optimal separation of light impurities.
Product Features
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