FZSW-Twin-shaft Intensive Dampener
FZSW-Twin-shaft Intensive Dampener
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FZSW-Twin-shaft Intensive Dampener

It is used for intensive water treatment and water regulation of wheat before grinding to make water permeate into endosperm and save time of moistening wheat.
Model Power (kW) Capacity (t/h) Spindle Speed (rpm) Dimension (mm)
F2SW 30x120 4/5.5 3-8/8-12 389±5 1762x807x1659
FZSW 30x150 5.5/7.5 12-16/16-24 389±5 2062x807x1659
FZSW 45x150 11/15 25-30/30-40 325±5 2158x1240x1945
Product Features
The optimum mixture of wheat and water can be achieved, and the water content can reach 7%;
Tangential discharging, low power consumption, large output;
The main shaft is flat to solve the traditional problem of water leakage in the bearing of the water dispenser;
Special treatment for the blade ensures long service life;
The casing can be open on one side for convenient to repair and replacement of the board.
Product Features
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