Auxiliary Equipment

MPS Sandblasting Machine

MPS sandblasting machine is mainly used for the surface processing of rollers in flour industry. It is also applicable for paper and other industries. With different protective sleeve of shaft, it can process rollers with length of 1000mm and diameter range from 200 to 300mm. The surface roughness of the roller after sandblasting can reach Rz≤60 μm.
MPS sandblasting machine consists of two parts:
The main machine (Dimensions:2234x1035x1880mm):
It is driven by a 0.12kW speed regulating motor, a power distribution box, double-head mobile spray gun, main body, air pressure stabilizing system and a roller transmission device. The rollers are driven by a sprocket connected with a 0.75 kW motor.
It mainly completes the process of uniformly roughening the surface of the roller by automatic spraying.
Dust filter (Dimensions: 970x700x700mm)
The dust filter is consisted of a 1.1 kW fan, the filter, and pressure device. It can create a negative pressure environment inside the machine, purify the air inside and outside the machine. Improve the purity of the spray particles to ensure the roughness of the roller surface.
MPS sandblasting machine consists of two parts:
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