Crawler-type Embeded Sweep Auger2
Crawler-type Embeded Sweep Auger2
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Crawler-type Embeded Sweep Auger

This model of sweep auger is a new generation of intelligent silo unloader developed for flat bottom silos. It has been a front runner among equipment of the same kind with its versatility, easy installation and intelligence.
Capacity(t/h) 50-300
Silo Diameter(m) 10-35
Walking Device Crawler type walking device
Control Mode Automatic control and remote control
Materials Applicable Wheat, corn, soybean and paddy etc
It is applicable for all flat bottom silos with a diameter of up to 35m. Its output can reach up to 300t/h;
The installation is simple and fast. There is no need for any modification in the silo(without affecting the moisture-proof layer) and any supporting facilities such as track, steel plate, etc.;
It adopts a special designed two-point support mechanism including central support mechanism and crawler-type walking device to be installed in the silo, which ensures low walking resistance and is suitable for all kinds of floor conditions;
The unique crawler-type walking device ensures the driving force and climbing ability. It can adapt to uneven ground in the silo;
The self-adjusting sweeping mechanism can collect the grain residue in the silo to the maximum extent;
Large conveying capacity, good sealing, nice appearance, flexible layout, multi-point feeding and discharging.
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