Plane Rotary Cleaner1
Plane Rotary Cleaner1
Cleaning Equipment

TQLM-Plane Rotary Cleaner

It is mainly used for cleaning or grading raw materials in the industries of flour, feed, rice milling, chemical industry and oil pressing.
Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kW) Air Volum(m³/h) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
TQLM80 5-7 1.1 2700 575 2070×1248×1409
TQLM100 6-9 1.1 3300 635  2070×1448×1409
TQLM125 7.5-10 1.1 4100 810 2070×1698×1409
TQLM160 11-16 1.1 5000 925 2070×2146×1409
TQLM200 12-20 1.5 6600 1100 2070×2672×1409
The machine has large processing output and high cleaning efficiency. It operates in smooth plane rotation with low noise.
Working Principle
The main component of TQLM cleaner is the inclined screen surface , and every point on the sieve do the plane circular motion, and the grains and beans slide down in spiral by gravity on the sieve surface, and with the automatic grading property of the material, different sizes of impurities from the grain and beans are separated.
TQLM plane rotary cleaner can further remove light impurities and dust if equipped with air aspirator, and get ideal air cleaning effect by adjusting the machine according to impurity content of raw grains.
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