HZZD-Multi-deck Rotary Cleaner
HZZD-Multi-deck Rotary Cleaner
Cleaning Equipment

HZZD-Multi-deck Rotary Cleaner

It is suitable for cleaning and grading (big and small) impurities of granular materials, can be widely used in grain, feed, food, chemical, brewing industries etc.
Specifications Model HZZD150×200/8 HZZD200×200/8
Maximum capacity(t/h) 120 150
Motor speed(r/min) 300±5
Power(kw) 3+0.75
Air volume(m3/min) 200 260
Weight(kg) 6100 7100
Dimensions(L×W×H) 3462×2445×3892 3462×2945×3892
Product Features
High capacity with large screen surface, which contributes to better cleaning and grading effect;
Multipath distributor and vibrating pressure door, material uniform distribution to ensure sifting and grading efficiency;
Easy operating of sieve frame, interchangeable with same sieve diameter;
Modularized transmission structure contributes to overall dismounting, which will markedly save repair time.
Product Features
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