MNMF-B Low-temperature Rice Electric Whitener
MNMF-B Low-temperature Rice Electric Whitener
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MNMF-B Low-temperature Rice Electric Whitener

Model Capacity (t/h) Power(kW) Air volume (m³/h) Dimension (mm)
MNMF 18B 2-3 18.5/22+1.5+0.8 1400-2000 1848x620x1940
MNMF 25B 3-4 30/37+1.5+0.8 1600-2100  1913x620x1953
MNMF 30B 4-5 30/37/45+1.5+0.8 2000-2500  2205x780x2204
MNMF 18x2B 5-6 37/45/55+3+0.12 2800-3500  2000x1000x2055
MNMF 25x2B 7-8 55/75+3+0.12 3600-4200 2010x1000x2097
MNMF 18x2B(Double motor) 5-6 (18.5/22/30)x2+3+0.12 2800-3500  2028x1140x2055
MNMF 25x2B(Double motor) 7-8 (30/37)x2+3+0.12 3600-4200  2038x1140x2097
Product Features
Adopt the closed-loop control between the Hopper and the feed pneumatic valve, the incoming material opening gate and the cut-off material closing gate to realize the automatic control of the feed without operation.
The flux adjustment precision of the permanent magnet synchronous decelerating motor is high, and the feed material is stable.
The new type of flexible voltage regulator replaces the traditional artificial pressure regulating method, and the pressure adjustment is continuous and stable, controlling the stability of rice accuracy, and avoiding the crushing caused by intermittent impact pressure changes;
The exquisite set-top box design realizes the integration of the current display of the rice mill and the flow adjustment of the rice precision machine, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and makes the operation control more humane.
The control interface between the rear warehouse upper level and the feed pneumatic gate of the rice machine is provided to automatically switch the feed gate of the machine after the storage position is realized, so as to avoid the failure of the lift machine caused by the blockage of the rear warehouse.
Product Features
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