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Wheat Milling Solutions
COFCO Engineering & Technology (Zhengzhou) Co.,Ltd. has rich experience and many successful cases in flour processing, and is a leader in this field. We understand every detail of the customer's needs and it is our greatest desire to provide a reasonable customized flour solution to help the customer achieve commercial success.
Design Features
The process can be adjusted flexibly according to the needs of the customer;
Reliable and stable operation of equipment with low cost;
Wheat Processing Flow
Flour Wheat Milling Solutions - COFCO E&T Zhengzhou
After harvest, wheat will be mixed with straw, rope, masonry, mud and other large impurities, which will damage the follow-up equipment or block the pipe. Therefore, we do a preliminary clean-up of the large impurities before the wheat is stored

The cleaned wheat needs to be further cleaned before it is temporarily stored into the flour-making process to ensure the quality of flour and the life of the processing equipment. This section uses a variety of means, such as screening, wind separation, magnetic separation, stone removal, wheat beating, color separation, and so on.
Low power consumption
Good cleaning effect;
Easy operation, low maintenance.
We also provide a variety of equipment selections, such as frequency conversion and speed regulating electric roller mill, pneumatic feeding roller mill, mechanical mill and so on.
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This solution is tailored for farmers from grain producing areas and small grain trading companies to facilitate the collection and re-distribution of grain.
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