Rice Processing Solutions
Rice Processing Solutions
According to the different characteristics of rice and quality standards around the world, based on customer and market demand, COFCO (Zhengzhou) provides you with advanced, flexible, reliable rice processing solutions with reasonable layout and easy operation.
Design Features
Reasonable layout, compact structure;
Advanced and flexible process design;
Low operating cost, reduce production costs without damaging the quality of the product.
COFCO Engineering & Technology (Zhengzhou) CO. Ltd,. has accumulated extensive experience in the installation of rice processing plants from all over the world. Thanks to the advanced design, COFCO rice milling equipment produce rice with stable quality and low broken rate. They operate with high efficiency, low energy consumption and easy maintenance. Lower operating costs guarantee maximum benefit of customers.
Rice Processing Flow
Because the uneven quality of raw paddy, the purpose of cleaning is to remove all kinds of impurities in the paddy through various cleaning equipment, making it meet the quality requirement of further processing.
Removing large, small and light impurities in rice according to their different size and shape from the paddy.
Gravity grading:
Separating impurities base on their differences in density, friction coefficient, suspended speed and other physical characteristics with the paddy through the gravity grading equipment.
Magnetic separation:
By putting the paddy through the magnetic field, the ferromagnetic impurities are separated hence avoid damaging to the processing facilities.
Low power consumption;
Good cleaning effect;
Easy operation, low maintenance.
All kinds of processional equipment are being utilized in our technological plans including vertical sand roller rice whitener, vertical iron roller rice whitener, horizontal rice polisher and so on.
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This solution is tailored for farmers from grain producing areas and small grain trading companies to facilitate the collection and re-distribution of grain.
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