FFPD Horizontal Bran Finisher
Equipment for removing flour particles adhered to bran to increase flour yield.
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Using jagged beaters to impact and move the material streams hence achieving a better flour yield.
Dynamic balancing rotor ensures steady operation.
Prismatic stainless steel processing chamber securing separation effect and high efficiency.
Laser cutting sheet metal components, CNC machining, carbon dioxide shielded welding workmanship for precision and quality.
Optional ventilation and air intake window for various requirement.
Electrostatic spraying surface treatment for best quality and duration.
Model Cylinder specifications Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Dimensions(mm)
Diameters(mm) Length(mm)
FFPD30×1 φ300 800 2.2 0.9-1 1270×480×1330
FFPD30×2 φ300 800 2.2×2 1.8-2 1270×960×1330
FFPD45×1 φ450 1100 5.5 1.3-1.5 1700×650×1620
FFPD45×2 φ450 1100 5.5×2 2.6-3 1700×1300×1620

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