Steel-Platform-Structure Milling Line
The steel structure flour milling plant is a complete set of equipment that is mainly composed of plansifter, pneumatic roller mill and many other flour milling machines. It shows the features of small footprint, complete process flow, low building cost, short construction cycle and more.
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Low construction cost, small investment.
Small land occupation and short construction time.
Extensive use of smooth rollers ensures high quality flour.
It is the ideal solutions for small and medium-sized flour mill to produce different grades of flour.
Model capacity(t/d)  Total Power(kW) Building Size(m)
MG30 30 94 18×7.5×7
MG40 40 131 22×7.5×7
MG50 50 144 24×7.5×7
MG60 60 223 30×8×12
MG80 80 327 33×8×12
MG100 100 340 33×10×12
MG120 120 455 36×10×12
MG140 140 514 36×10×12
MG160 160 568 39×10×12
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