Spray Dampener
It is mainly used for spraying water to wheat before milling to improve the grinding performance of wheat bran. This would have a positive effect on flour quality and flour yield.
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Replacement of the traditional pneumatic atomization,excellent misty effect, contamination free.
Magnetic sensor to detect material flow status.
High performance variable frequency drive controlled motor.
Automatic controlled material detecting, motor operating and water adding mechanism.
Excellent misty effect, contamination free.
Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Atomized water (L/h) Weight(kg) Dimension (mm)
NWZS 300x50 8 0.1 50 48 700x520x700
NWZS 380x50 10 0.1 50 62 770x580x870
NWZS 380x70 15 0.2 75 65 770x580x870
NWZS 380x100 20 0.2 100 98 800x580x1350
NWZS 630x150 30 0.3 150 130 800x580x1350
NWZS 740x250 50 0.37 250 200 1200x900x2050

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