Abrasive Wheat Scourer
Abrasive Wheat Scourer is mainly used for the surface cleaning treatment.
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Air intake window is added for complementary air flow.
With reduced impact force and increased rubbing and kneading strength, ensures superior cleaning effect and low broken rate with high output.
The unique design of the rotor and stator beating board combination(Patent:201120473504.7), built with special wear-resistant materials, ensures significantly durable beating board with long service life.
Unique anti-displacement structure design(ZL201020207538.7) remarkably expanded the service life. Easy assembly, trouble free maintenance.
Twice dynamic balanced rotor ensures stable operation with less vibration, no special balancing needed for replacing the beating board;
Adjustable discharging mechanism for convenient control of cleaning effect and material flow.
Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kW) Screen diameter(mm) Sieve length (mm) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
FDMWA30×60 ≤12 7.5-15 φ300 600 1220×600×1615 760
FDMWA45×80 12-25 15-22 φ450 800 1460×800×1876 980
FDMWA45×150x2 15-30 11x2 φ450 1500 1680×1244×1610 1000
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