Heat-preserving Silo
Heat-preserving Silo
Steel Silo

Thermal Insulation Steel Silo

Thermal insulation steel silos through adding insulation layer and surface protection layer to flat-bottom steel silos, cone-bottom steel silos and other prefabricated steel silos to maintain the quality of grain or materials. Thermal insulated steel silos can be applied for the storage of seeds, soybean, corn, sorghum, rice, wheat, plastic particles and other materials as well as feed for poultry and fish that require special storage conditions.
Product Features
Short construction period. It only takes 1/3 of the construction time of the concrete silo with the same capacity.
Good thermal insulation effect. It can achieve the same thermal insulation effect as the concrete silo.
Pleasant appearance. The surface of the insulation steel silo can be made of colored steel sheets of various colors to give them pleasant appearance.
Product Features
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