MPGD 160H/190H Rice Polisher
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High pressure water spay ensures the surface has uniform moisture content; gentle friction between the rice and the roller makes the surface smooth and clean;
Equipped with automatic control system for water intake avoid blocking due to too much water and material. When the material is cut off or too much material is fed, the water pump will automatically shut off. When the amount of material reaches a certain flow rate, the pump will open automatically;
The design of easy assembly sieve frame greatly shortens the time of changing the screen plate. The interchangeable screen plates greately shorten the time of cleaning and maintenance, hence improving the working efficiency;
Stainless steel is adopted for part such as polishing rollers, bushings, thrusters and sieves, which can prolong the service life and further improve the hygienic standard of finished product.
Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kW) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
MPGD160H 3.5-5.5 55 1800 2586x1015x2080
MPGD190H 6-8 75 2300 2906x1105x2060

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