MNMF-A Low-temperature Rice Whitener
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Built-in motor, small foot print and nice appearance;
The strong air jet and the double pressure door wind lock technology ensures the air volume is more than 2.5 times of that of the conventional rice mill, which can effectively restrain the temperature rise;
It adopts double feeding gate with magnetic separation device to realize fine adjustment of flow rate;
Unique rotation design of whitening chamber, convenient and quick replacement of sieve;
Unique double-roll side-by-side design, feeding at the same time ensures large output.
Model Capacity (t/h) Power(kW) Air volume (m³/h) Dimension (mm)
MNMF 18A 2-3 18.5/22+1.5 1400-2000 1848x620x1940
MNMF 25A 3-4 30/37+1.5 1600-2100  1913x620x1974
MNMF 30A 4-5 30/37/45+1.5 2000-2500  2205x780x2226
MNMF 18x2A 5-6 37/45/55+3 2800-3500  1972x1000x2066
MNMF 25x2A 7-8 55/75+3 3600-4200 2080x1000x2108
MNMF 18x2A(Double motor) 5-6 (18.5/22/30)x2+3 2800-3500  2000x1140x2055
MNMF 25x2A(Double motor) 7-8 (30/37)x2+3 3600-4200  2010x1140x2097
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