QZB Automatic Packing Machine
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Automatic weighing & packing unit:Packing bag obtaining-opening-weighing-packing-sealing(with optional folding machine and heat sealing machine);
Automatic shaping & conveying unit:Conveying-inverting-shaping-conveying (with optional vacuum shaping machine;
Automatic testing and coding unit:Weight checking & sorting-metal detection-coding.
Model Weigh range(kg) Weighing speed(bag/h) Power consumption(kW) Compressed air(m³/h) Weighing Precision(%) Dimensions(mm)
QZB-700 5-25 400-700 6 9 0.1-0.2 5500x3800x3200
QZB-900 5-25 / 9 6 0.1-0.2 5800x3847x3291
Engineering case