DCS-FB Packing Scale
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High-speed quantitative packaging of granules for rice, seed, feed, fertilizer, chemical raw materials, sugar and other Industries;
Stable three-sensor weighing structure, balanced weighing cylinder layout, reasonable force, improving the service life of equipment. Also free from workshop machine vibration interference, stable operation and anti-interference ability to ensure all types of packaging precision.
Model Weigh range(kg) Weighing speed(bag/h) Power consumption(kW) Compressed air(m³/h) Weighing error(% F.S) Dimensions(mm)
DCS-50FB1 5-50 600-100 1.1 1 0.1 3760x960x2692.5
DCS-50FB2 5-50 600-100 1.1 1 0.1 3760x960x2692.5
DCS-50FB3 5-50 600-100 1.1 1 0.1 3081x953x2691
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