MDJY Length Grader
The Length Grader is used to separate whole and broken rice by the principle of inconsistent length of whole and broken rice.
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The cylinder is easy to replace and operate.
Flexible cylinder combination can meet the needs of different technological processes. It can separate broken rice from whole rice or select whole rice from broken rice.
Model Power (kW) Dimension (mm) whole rice in broken (%) broken rice in whole (%)
MDJY60x2 0.75x2 2870x736x1730 ≤2 ≤5
MDJY60x3 0.75x3 3130x736x2530 ≤2 ≤5
MDJY71x2 3 3340x1040x2060 ≤2 ≤5
MDJY71x2B 3 4170x836x1895 ≤2 ≤5
MDJY71x3 4.5 3340x1100x3050 ≤2 ≤5
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