TQSX-B De-Stoner
This machine makes use of the different characteristics of density and suspension velocity between grain and stone and other impurities.
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With the help of the air flow through the grain flow, heavy impurity of grain and abutment are promoted in the lower layer. They move in opposite directions under the action of reciprocating sieve plates, thus separating the abreast stone from the grain;
This machine adopts the vibration motor drive mechanism, the operation is steady and reliable, the craft performance is stable, the vibration and noise is small, no dust overflow, and the operation and maintenance is convenient;
It is convenient to adjust the wind pressure and air volume, and has a wide range of display devices;
It is equipped with a large daylighting air suction hood, material movement is clearly observed with advanced lighting, four holes are arranged on both sides of the sieve body for easy cleaning, and the angle of sieve face adjustable range is 7-9 °, so the machine can reach the effect of stone removal and be used to remove the shoulder stone of different kinds of grain, miscellaneous grain, grease, feed, chemical industry and so on within the range of output fluctuation.
Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kW) Air duct diameter(mm) Air required(m³/h) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
Paddy Wheat
TQSX 100x2 5-8 10-12 0.37x2 400-150 6500-7500 1720x1335x1900 500
TQSX 120x2 8-10 13-18 0.37x2 400-500 7500-9500 1720x1535x1900 600
TQSX 150x2 10-12 18-20 0.45x2 400-500 9000-12000 1720x1835x1900 800
TQSX 180x2 12-15 19-23 0.45x2 550-650 11000-13000 1840x2135x1930 950
Engineering case
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