CTNM20 Combined rice milling
Adopt steel frame platform, compact and reasonable structure, beautiful and convenient operation and maintenance, simple installation. the equipment runs firmly and steadily with long service life and low failure rate. the process performance is stable and reliableThe machine has series of 20A/20B/20C to choose. Convenient post-connection process, which can produce high-grade rice
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Using the combined cleaner with destoner , the process effect is good, stone removal thoroughly, low energy consumption, less investment. The rubber roller husker has high husking rate, low crushing rate, easy to operate and adjust, and less noise.
Model 15A whitener, with high precision, less crushing, 2% higher yield and half grade higher precision than other domestic products of the same type.
Optional item: husk grinding system.
Model Capacity (t/d) Cleaner & Destoner Husker Separator Whitener Grader Rice Polisher Power (kW) Dimension
CTNM20A 20 TQLQ60 MLGT15 MGCZ80X6 NF15 / / 25 3000x2500x3900
CTNM20B 20 TQLQ60 MLGT15 MGCZ80X6 NF15 (two sets) MMJP50x2 / 42.25 5000x2500x3900
CTNM20C 20 TQLQ60 MLGT15 MGCZ80X6 NF15 (two sets) MMJP50x2 MP30 70.5 6000x2500x3900
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