TQLZ Vibratory Cleaning Sieve
TQLZ vibratory cleaning sieve is used mainly for removing large and small impurities mixed in grain materials.
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It is equipped with even distribution device, hence guarantee high cleaning and classification efficiency;
Reasonable structure, easy assembly sieve plates, low power consumption.
Model Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg)
pre-clean clean
TQLZ 100x150 10-20 6-9 0.37x2
TQLZ 100x200 18-23 7-10 0.37x2
TQLZ 120x150 18-23 7-10 0.37x2
TQLZ 125x200 20-25 9-12 0.55x2
TQLZ 150x150 20-25 9-12 0.55x2
TQLZ 150x200 25-30 10-15 0.55x2
TQLZ 180x200 30-35 12-18 0.75x2
TQLZ 200x200 30-40 15-20 0.75x2
TQLZa 150x270 50-80 30-50 1.50x2
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