TQLX Vibro Cleaner
It is used primarily for grain cleaning in grain mills and grain storage facilities(silos).It also grades various proucts according to size.
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High throughput capacity and excellent separation,sturdy design for less wear, Minimal maintenance requirements;
Flexible application possibilites via optional outlet aspirators,the cleaning effect would be better.
Model Capacity(t/h) Power Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
TQLX 125x150 10-20 1.5 1300 2033x1690x1490
TQLX 125x200 15-25 1.5 1500 2584x1700x1610
TQLX 150x200 25-35 1.5 1800 2975x1950x1610
TQLX 150x270 30-40 3 2700 3700x2020x1925
TQLX 200x260 45-60 4 3000 3730x2760x2000
TQLX 200x300 50-65 4 3200 4210x2760x2100
TQLX 200x360 55-70 4 3500 4700x2760x2065
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