TFXH Air-recycling Aspiration
TFXH Series Air-recycling Aspirators are widely used for the separation of low-density particles from granular products such as wheat, barley, paddy, oilseed and corn in cereals, oils and foodstuff processing plants.
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Due to air recycling, only a small fresh air volume is required for aspirating and the dedust system is equipped by itself, both of which make it a energy-saving and environmentally-sound machine.
Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kW) Air required(m³/h) Cleaning Dimensions(mm)
Pre-cleaning Cleaning Pre-cleaning
TFXH125 80 20 2.2+1.1 11 7 2170x890x2290
TFXH150 100 24 2.2×2+1.5 12 8 2580x890x2290
TFXH180 115 28 2.2×2+2.2 14 10 2720x950x2300
TFXH200 125 32 2.2×2+2.2 18 12 3080x950x2300
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