TFDZ Aspiration Channel
We have different types of aspiration channels for our customers to choose from.
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Optimized design of the suction duct cross sections and shape;
Equipped with regulating board which could adjust the suction strength;
Material leveling suction structure and pressure gate.
Model Duct width(mm) Duct thickness(mm) Pressure(mmH2O) Air volume(m³/min) Dimensions(mm)
TFDZA100 1020 150 50 52-90 1020x200x1450
TFDZA150 1520 180 50 80-135 1520x200x1450
TFDZA180 1820 180 50 90-160 1820x300x1450
TFDZA200 1820 180 50 100-180 1840x300x1450
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