DCS-FA Intelligent Quantitative Packing Scale
High-speed quantitative packaging of granules for grain industry.
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Fully sealed weighing chamber, integrated molding.
Multi-functional packing mode. The switch from the seaming machine and hot sealing maching can be realized by a single rotation.
Dynamic automatic recheck and correction function, instantaneous identification of error. Alarm for exceeding weighing error limit.
Models Weigh Range(kg) Weighing speed(bag/h) Weighing error(%F.S) Power consumption (kW) Compressed air (m3/h) Dimension(mm)
DCS-15FA1 0.5-15 <750 0.1 1.1 0.7 2548×754×2127
DCS-50FA1 5-50 2797×963×2559

 Packing speed means the data when we use rice as packing material at appointed conditions. Heat sealing machine is optional configuration.
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