DCS Flour Quantitative Packing Scale
It is can be applied for the quantitative packing of powery materials in flour, feed, food additives, chemical industry etc.
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Equipped with automatic lifting.conveyor, automatic stitching, thread breakage and alarming.
Models Weigh range(kg) Weighing speed(bag/h) Weighing error(% F.S) Power consumption(kW) Compressed air(m3/h) Dimension(mm)
DCS-10 2.5-10 200-300 0.2 4 1 2653×1194×2520
DCS25-W 5-15 190-260 2654×1215×2591
DCS50-1 40-50 100-180 3.7 2808×1342×3076
DCS50-2 40-50 100-180 2.7 1030×1336×2771

Packing speed refers to the data when we use bran powder as packing material at appointed conditions.  
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