Cantilever Sweep Auger
The cantilever sweep auger is designed with the concept of “first in, first out”, forcing materials out of the silo to solve the unloading of semi-flowing and non-flowing bulk materials. It helps to avoid material to form rat hole or bridge phenomenon during gravity flow unloading and serious material consolidation.
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The path of material unloading is sealed, which is safe and environmental friendly and can avoid material contamination.
The cantilever screw design leaves no auxiliary support in the silo, which brings down failure rate.
Sectional design of screw with changing pitch and diameter.
Wear-resistant cutter is equipped to protect the screw blade. Connected with bolts, it is easy to replace.
An unique integrated gearbox with auxiliary starting device is designed to ensure the starting torque of screw.
PLC control system, human-machine interface and adjustable parameter. It is equipped with a variety of sensors and safety alarm devices to ensure the safety of operation.

Series of Equipment

Silo Type

Silo Diameter(m)

Control Mode

Cantilever Reclaimer for

Cone Bottom Silo

Cone Bottom Silo

(Cone angle 45°)


One set of power and automatic control system can drive multiple reclaimers

Cantilever Reclaimer for Flat Bottom Silo

Flat Bottom Silo



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