TDSG Series Belt Conveyor
It is applied to the transportation, loading & unloading, stacking, pelletizing and warehouse changing of bulk and packaged grain;
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It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can work independently or in series with other conveyors. It also can be used in combination with other related machines;
According to the technological requirements, single roller conveyer can be combined with the special discharge distributor (patented product) to form the multi-point discharge conveyor.
Model Capacity(t/h) Belt width(mm) Conveying speed (m/s)
TDSG50 80-100 500 1~3.15
TDSG65 165-200 650 1~3.15
TDSG80 240-300 800 1~3.15
TDSG100 400-500 1000 1~3.15
TDSG120 580-700 1200 1~3.15
TDSG140 750-900 1400 1~3.15