Single Roller Belt Conveyor
The equipment is totally enclosed and designed to prevent dust and rain;
The sealing cover adopts a broken line structure, which can guarantee the strength and keep the rain tight.
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The dumbbell shaped roller has the function of automatic deviation correction, effectively preventing belt deviation.
The bearing is externally located for easy replacement and maintenance.
The rear part is equipped with a return mechanism, which can return the material sprinkled on the return belt to the original system.
Model Capacity(m3/h) Conveying speed (m/s)
TDS50(A/B) 80-200 1-2.5
TDS65(A/B) 100-250 1-2.5
TDS80(A/B) 200-580 1-2.5
TDSL100 400-1200 1-3
TDSL120 500- 1700 1-3
TDSL140 800- 2500 1-3