Container loader
The equipment is suitable for 20ft container.After the truck enters the container station, start the crane to move the container to one side of the reverse platform. Start the reverse platform to lift the container to the unloading position, open the bin outlet, and start unloading.
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Packing operation is convenient,Easier to fill up, reducing logistics costs.
Improving the Safety and Reliability of bulk packing.
Improving the efficiency of bulk packing.
Significantly reduce fragmentation and loss.
Product Atlas
Container loader
Container loader
Container loader
Container loader
Container loader
Model Load-bearing(ton) Dimension(m) Power(kW) Suitable Container Size(ft)
      Lifting Turning  
Single container loader 30 12*9*14 18+2*1.5 15 20
Double containers loader 30 14.5*9*14 18+2*1.5 2*15 20
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