Rotatory Grading Sifter
Rotatory Grading Sifter
Rotatory Grading Sifter
Rotatory Grading Sifter
Sieving Equipment

Rotatory Grading Sifter

      Model               Capacity(t/h) Power(kW)
Pellet Mash
SFJH80x2C 5-8 3-6 2.2
SFJH80x3C 5-8 3-6 2.2
SFJH100x2C 8-13 6-10 2.2
SFJH100x3C 8-13 6-10 2.2
SFJH1300x2C 10-15 8-13 3.0
SFJH130x3C 10-15 8-13 3.0
SFJH150x2C 15-18 12-16 3.0
SFJH150x3C 20-26 / 4.0
Product Features
Applies to the grading and secondary circulation grinding process for pellet and crumbled pellet.
Use v-belt driven side-heavy balance mechanism and Elastic tail support structure, material does rotarymotion on horizontal work surface, high fi ltering accuracy, small vibration.
The streamline design within the outlet, without deposition, avoiding cross contamination.
Customized single-layer screen, dual-screen and three-layer screen.
Product Features
We Will Create Grain Process System 
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