Full Circular Cooler
Full Circular Cooler
Full Circular Cooler
Full Circular Cooler
Cooling Equipment

Full Circular Cooler

Applies to the pellet cooling that the length is less than 40mm.
Model Power(kW) Capacity (t/h) After Cooling Temperature
SKLNW20 0.75 8-15 ≤RT+3℃
SKLNW25 0.75 15-20 ≤RT+3℃
Product Features
Use counterflow principle to cool the pellet with high temperature and high humidity, avoiding direct contact with cold wind, which can effectively prevent the pellet from surface cracking.
Material temperature is not higher than +3℃ at room temperature after cooling, moisture reducing rate is not less than 3.95%.
All round cooling bin, no dead corner, pellets drop more uniformly and thus be cooled more evenly.
New rotary distributor ensure height difference of material surface is less than 100mm, which the same air volume in cooling bin and the material is cooled more evenly.
Discharging is without rub or squeeze, avoiding the fragmentation of pellets.
The equipment has access door in the front, which facilitate regular maintenance and inspection.
Pneumatic discharge does not frequently start motors which cuased high energy consumption, power saving is 80%.
Increased air intake area(10 times), decreases the resistance of cooling fan, and saving 20% energy consumption.
No residues when changing the variety of materials, avoid cross-contamination of materials.
Product Features
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