Paddy Drying System
The rice dryer is a modular continuous dryer independently developed by our company. It can be applied to the drying of early and late season rice. The drying process of counter flow before downstream ensures sufficient drying time. Therefore only gently heated air is needed in the drying section to remove the moisture in rice. Highly efficient heat exchange ensures the quality of rice after drying while removing moisture.
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All-metal structure, modular construction and easy installation and maintenance;
Visible operation and high degree of automation;
The design and manufacturing of related components have all considered the requirements for ensuring mechanical performance in long-term working condition, which can guarantee long- term continuous drying operation under full load;
The waste heat can be recycled, with high heat utilization rate , energy consumption can be reduced;
Evenly drying ensures that the grain is in good quality after being dried.
Dryer models Capacity (t/d) Moisture reduction (%) Rated power (kW) Interior cross-section size (m)
HDGT10 200 2~15% adjustable To be determined based on the actual situation 2.5×2.5
HDGT15 300 3.0×3.5
HDGT25 500 4.0×4.0
HDGT35 700 4.5×4.5
HDGT50 1000 5.0×5.0

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